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Updated: 01-21-2018


Welcome to KARS Unlimited

Scott & Anna Shapiro

Collectible Phonecards & SVCs
SolMate Socks

However, wer cannot say the same for the phonecard/SVC marketplace

Our inventory is still fabulous and prices have never been lower.
We do not maintain pricelists, all material is individually priced at your request.

Please call or email (as below) for any inquiry
but please note, we are not buying new inventory, at this time

We love to chat with old friends (and new customers) and we are happy to help with
your collecting needs, supplies, questions about cards and anything else on your mind.

KARS Unlimited will remain open for business.
But, we are no longer updating this website (although we may upload a new image now and again).

Our Library of cards and SolMate Socks pages will stay up for as long as feasible.
We will return to a more active status when possible.
Thank you for all your business for all these years.

For an active Phonecard site, we recommend our friend Steve at Collector Magic
(www.collectormagic.com). Tell Steve we sent you for a great deal!









With Friends On Tour (#1918)

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Ask us about Phonecards, Stored Value Cards



and now:

Photo Library of SVC and Visa Cash Cards


Contact Information:

Order Line: (800) 750-3506 (USA)
Talk Line: (352) 365-0229
Fax Line: (352) 365-6323
E-mail: karsunltd@aol.com

Mailing Address:

KARS Unlimited
P.O. Box 895340
Leesburg, FL 34789-5340


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